The Other Art Fair is coming to Chicago

The Other Art Fair (TOAF), presented by Saatchi Art and heading into its 7th year in business, will make its first appearance in Chicago September 28-30, 2018 at Mana Contemporary Chicago in Pilsen. TOAF has become known as the leading art fair for emerging artists in the United Kingdom, and with Chicago being an epicenter for art -- brimming with historic museums, theatres and galleries -- there’s also an ever-growing population of independent, up-and-coming visual artists who would like to gai

Thirty Years of Practice - Morgante Wilson Architects

Since 1987, Morgante Wilson Architects has been powerfully led by husband-and-wife duo of Elissa Morgante and Frederick Wilson. For the past 30 years, the first 20-years in Chicago, the last 10 in Evanston to be more centrally located for their clients, their practice has evolved into a leading residential architectural firm that specializes in custom-designed homes, rental and condo buildings and residential interiors. According to the pair, they work collaboratively on all projects; Fred designs from the outside in while Elissa designs from the inside out, providing a comprehensive design package as they consider all the elements of the home

Jean May and Saurab Bhargava

MERGE, a premium storytelling and technology company, has named Jean May to President, West. With a successful track record of leading resourcing efforts, aligning teams and delivering measurable client results, May will collaborate with leadership to continue to establish MERGE as a top independent agency with the purpose of promoting health, wealth and happiness. Saurab Bhargava joins the company as its first chief digital officer. Bhargava is a digital, marketing and technology expert with o

Social Stats You Should Pay Attention To

Let’s face it—we live in a digital world. And in the hospitality industry, the best way to target, engage, and communicate with new and existing customers is to use social media metrics to a competitive advantage. But where do you begin? Read below to learn how our experts at BCV review and utilize social statistics to effectively increase clients’ consumer base, encourage engagement, and turn clicks into bookings. The Big Three: Growth, Engagement, and Traffic First things first, let’s talk

Meet the Challengers: Hilario Dominguez

At twenty-five, Pilsen native Hilario Dominguez is the youngest candidate in the crowded race for alderman in the 25th Ward, which covers Pilsen, Chinatown, and parts of Tri-Taylor, McKinley Park, the West Loop, and the South Loop. The incumbent, Danny Solis, has held the position since 1996 — three years after Dominguez was born. Dominguez became an activist at a young age. While at Whitney Young High School, he helped organize a walkout to protest Chicago Public Schools budget cuts. His organ

Know Your Movements: The #EraseTheDatabase Campaign

In the coming months before the February municipal elections, the Weekly will be profiling not only the candidates for public office, but also the grassroots movements that shape the political landscape in Chicago communities. Over the next few months, we will be asking mayoral and aldermanic candidates about their positions on each of these movements. In Chicago, and around the country, police departments are increasingly using databases to log and track purported gang members. The practice ha

Best of Bridgeport 2018

• Best Restaurant With Its Own Graffiti Wall • Best Place to Feed Your Inner Artist Jamie Trecker is the station manager of WLPN-LP 105.5 FM Lumpen Radio and the Operations Director of the Co-Prosperity Sphere. Let’s get this out of the way: I’m not a native Chicagoan. I wasn’t even raised in the USA. I’ve also lived a lot of places, because in my previous career as a reporter and network executive, I had to travel to anywhere and everywhere for soccer games. Some of those places are really

Remembering prolific Chicago artist

A crowd of nearly 20 members of the public gathered in the Drawing Room Library of the Chicago Athletic Association Hotel this week to sit in on a conversation about the art, life and legacy of Chicago-based artist Barbara Jones-Hogu. On Sunday, Feb. 25, as part of a Storytelling Series in collaboration with Art Design Chicago, DePaul Art Museum Director Julie Rodrigues Widholm and artist Faheem Majeed hosted a talk discussing the inspiration behind the work of Jones-Hogu, who died on Nov. 14,

DePaul alum challenges incumbent for Northwest suburban district

Since graduating from DePaul in 2013, Kevin B. Morrison has put his studies in political and environmental science into action, gaining years of experience as a community activist and organizer for Chicagoland area politicians, including Ald. Mary O’Connor, State Rep. Robert Martwick and Hillary Clinton. Now, he’s pounding the pavement for his own campaign and running as a Democrat for a seat on the Cook County Board of Commissioners against three-term Republican Commissioner Timothy Schneider

“Native Son” and the fight for identity

On Sunday, Feb. 18. the Theatre School wrapped up a short, nine-day run of its striking production of “Native Son.” After relocating to Chicago’s South Side in the 1930s during The Great Migration, 20-year-old Bigger Thomas finds work in the house of rich, white Mr. Dalton to support his mother and siblings. The plot shifts when one night, in an ironic attempt to avoid trouble with whites in power, Thomas commits a heinous crime against them, provoking a gut-wrenching chain of events that cause

“By any means necessary”: DePaul Socialists remember Malcolm X

During the height of the Civil Rights Movement in the mid-50s, while Martin Luther King Jr. offered a message of justice by way of peace, Malcolm X led an alternative movement focused on combating racism by enforcing the values of black empowerment, liberation and achieving social justice “by any means necessary,” which included violence. While Malcolm X’s rhetoric shifted, and he favored a more peaceful approach to achieving civil rights by the time of his assassination in 1965, the intense an

Christopher House Hosted 27th Annual Fundraising Benefit Honoring Cubs Charities

As a young boy, Gilbert Juarez watched his older brother and sister attend school at Christopher House, and he saw firsthand how they blossomed. Juarez described how Christopher House helped his family by “encouraging my sister to persevere and play sports that might be considered boy sports, like basketball, and my brother — he loves to eat and loves to try new foods, (…) he loved food so much I guess it was just natural for him to want to learn how to cook, which might have been considered som

China goes green

China’s poor air quality is an unfortunate reality. From years of burning coal in order to mass produce, China has been left with copious amounts of noxious fog that hangs over much of the country, leading to asthma, acute and chronic respiratory disease and the premature deaths of millions each year. On Jan. 5, The New York Times reported that China’s National Energy Administration (NEA) announced its plan to invest over $360 billion in renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar power, i

Movements for, against Trump unsure if momentum will continue

With President-elect Donald Trump’s upcoming inauguration on Friday, many daring protesters are gearing up to show their disdain for the direction they believe America will head in under a Trump administration. Being at the tail-end of a widely unpredictable election, there’s an underpinning of revolution for many young, politically engaged voters across the ideological spectrum who want to turn outrage into political change. However, questions about how millennials will remain politically engag

Tenants Request Landlord Renegotiate Approaching Eviction Date

Last Saturday, New Year’s Eve, in an event organized by Somos Logan Square and Autonomous Tenants Union (ATU), a crowd of nearly 40 gathered with the intention of signing and delivering a letter to the landlord of an apartment building on California Avenue, requesting he renegotiate a proposed Jan. 15 eviction date. For nearly a decade, Francisco Macias, owner of the two-story apartment building located at 2328 N. California Ave., has been charging tenants of his building rates of approximately

Belly Shack Closed For Good On Christmas Eve

This Christmas Eve, Belly Shack wrapped up a seven-year run, leaving many rushing out to get a final taste of the restaurant’s unique Korean and Puerto Rican fusion. A statement was released on Monday, December 19, by Chef/Founder Bill Kim and his partners at Cornerstone Restaurants, affirming that the once seemingly longstanding establishment located at 1912 N. Western Ave. would be closing its doors for good. While not providing an explanation for the restaurant’s closure, Chef Bill Kim and h

Local Artists To Open Creative Workspace and Gallery On Fullerton

A newly renovated building on Fullerton and Drake will soon be brimming with artwork from Chicago-area creatives. Founded and operated by resident artists, and husband-and-wife, Melissa Mendiola Polonsky and Jordan Polonsky, Positive Space Studios is a workspace and gallery located at 3520 W. Fullerton Ave. The facility was created to offer affordable, quality studio and gallery spaces to the diverse community of artists throughout the Chicagoland area who are looking for room to create and dis

DePaul honors Holocaust Remembrance Day with white roses

Born into a middle class Jewish family in Germany during World War II, Adina Sella’s youth was defined by survival. She felt the depths of restrictions placed on the Jews in Germany, and had to take on a new culture and identity with her family in order to escape. It meant she needed “to steal, to hide, to mistrust, to lie, to steal food in my pocket,” she said. Its impact is why she prefers the term “child of the Holocaust” over survivor. Sella told her story May 4, Holocaust Remembrance Day,

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